ICO or ITO (Initial Coin Offerings or Initial Token Offerings) whatever you want to say, it’s now one of the most popular and trending topic around the world.

Reason of Popularity:

In past, think like you have unique idea or concept to create a great platform to bring change in our world but you not able to start implementing your idea because of you don’t have enough money to do that. But with the power of this ICO, now you able to start a fund-raising program around the world for your project. What you only need to do to collect a big amount of capital, just present your Idea to the world community. So, everyone will think about your Idea either it’s good or bad. They will also think about the chance of getting success from your Idea or project, either it’s beneficial or not. If they find, it’s really a good project or idea to involve, they will help your project to grow by participating in your crowd sell. Same time there’s big chance to get lots of big investor for your project too. It’s the main reason why ICO getting popularity day by day.

Other reason:

  1. Big investors find great projects to involve.
  2. Small to medium investors get chance to involve in lots of different project.
  3. Easy way to increase your money overnight (Crazy People think so)


There’s also a lot of reason behind ICOs popularity.


So, when ICO like sweet honey to collect big amount over night, what do you think? – all ICOs are yet safe or good to go?

Answer is Big No! Almost 50% of all ICOs are bullshit scam or running by unskilled greedy people. Everyday around 1-15 new ICOs comes online. Every month it’s around 100+ (average). But you know what, it’s very easy to stay away from scam or fraud ICOs. How? – Okay I am now going to give you some Scam ICOs example:


According to the Latest ICO scam list there we find 99.99% of Landing ICOs are scam even after reaching hard cap they just scam away with people money. Want to know about latest scam landing ICOs? – Okay here you go-


  1. Corexcoin ICO- Scam
  2. CryptoLux ICO- Scam from starting Days
  3. Pagarex ICO- 70M Token sold-out and they run away


Want to know more?


  1. BitconnectX ICO
  2. NeoConnect ICO


I can’t be saying here all landing ICOs are scam but most of them are scam. List yet not end- it will increase every day, every moment. But we able to stop this scamming. How?


If you take a deep look to every of this landing ICOs, you will notice:


  1. There’s no/ real information about Team, Advisor, Developers of ICOs
  2. They offer you to buy their token in huge discount.
  3. No legal document
  4. Whitepaper all about Landing- Staking and Affiliate, there’s no information about their products, what they are doing, what’s their plan- Nothing
  5. Not active in Social Media
  6. No support system


I am not expert or any type of advisors, but I recommend you people that, first take a deep look to every of the Landing ICOs, don’t be greedy and if you not find any information about their team- then just leave it. Don’t join and Invest.

Next, 60% New Cryptocurrency ICOs are scam

It’s very easy way to scam people. You don’t need to show people your products or plan. You just saying people like, “Hey I create a new coin using Ethereum blockchain technology, which give you more flexibility. There’s no fee on transaction you made every time. It’s free to use, it’s decentralized. No bank or government able to maintain it.” Bullshit. Just stay away from it.


More recent Scam ICO:

  1. Borg DAO
  2. Benebit
  3. Giza Device
  4. ToTheMoon
  5. Hong Coin and Many more.


So, it’s now clear to us that, a few categories ICO scam most. They are:


  1. Landing
  2. Crypto-coin
  3. Crypto-Exchange
  4. Crypto-Wallet
  5. Crypto-Mining and many more


To avoid any kind of ICO scam:


  1. Check concept of the ICO first
  2. Check their product (If not any product yet launch, then check beta-version of product)
  3. Check their team- Either there any real people involved or not
  4. Check their Activity on Social media
  5. Check out their Whitepaper and Legal Document
  6. Avoid Landing ICOs and the ICOs which don’t have any real product or platform.


Honestly, controlling your greed is the best way to avoid scam ICOs.

We love ICO event, because it’s help the world to grow day by day. It’s helping the world to become decentralized day by day too. But you know what, every where there’s some selfish people who only know to cheat with people. – Thanks for reading. Stay Safe and avoid scam.

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