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What is Bitcoinus?

Bitcoinus is a payment platform that claims to be able to transfer bitcoin payments in two seconds. The platform uses “cutting edge payment processing” techniques to allow you to receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and over 100 major cryptocurrencies. Bitcoinus is a crypto payment processing platform designed to simplify the adoption of cryptocurrencies for e-commerce businesses.

How Bitcoinus will Work?

Bitcoinus aims to offer fast, easy payment solutions using crypto currency. Bitcoinus enters the market to lead the evolution of crypto-payments. Company's main target is to reinvent real, living financial operations between retail and B2B entities. The direction Bitcoinus has chosen reflects the way ecommerce is headed. Bitcoinus will make sure that spending all sorts of crypto-holdings is instant and secure for both an individual and a business. Over 100 Altcoins will be integrated over a period of a year. Online based businesses will find their way to adopt Bitcoinus solution. Bitcoinus will enable all businesses and retail customers to buy, store, send and receive crypto assets.
Using Bitcoinus, you will able to complete your payment using Crypto currency just in 2 second and when other payment process taking a huge amount of Transaction fee from you, Bitcoinus offer you to pay only 0.5% as your transaction fee where Visa taking 2.3%, Mastercard 2.4% and many other taking more than that. So, Bitcoinus going to be fast, secure and cheap as well to use as payment method.

Benefits for Bitcoinus Token holder

  1. 0% merchant transaction fees when payment is done in BITS.
  2. Implemented merchant reputation system to ensure secure transactions.
  3. All-season-long sales from most of Bitcoinus retail partners.
  4. Maximum liquidity of BITS tokens ensured by trading in all major exchanges.
  5. Bitcoinus team tokens locked for 12 months - no market manipulation.
  6. Online crypto payments industry growth to boom in exponential progression.
Bitcoinus ICO review

Bitcoinus Roadmap

Bitcoinus Review By BitcoinKing

ICO Details

Token Name BITS
Token Type Utility-token
Token Standard ERC-20
Token Price 1 BITS= 0.001 ETH
Soft Cap 3000000 BITS
Hard Cap 50000000 BITS
Accepted Payment Method ETH, BTC, LTC, USD
ICO Start Date 22.01.2018
ICO End Date 10.05.2018


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