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The DICEGAME platform builds a fair and transparent ground for P2P games. We retrieve user’s trust by wrapping all the game logic into the smart-contracts based on the blockchain. The platform provides tha playground for the P2P game with up 50% of winning odds. We decentralize everything in the DICEGAME platform: only white box algorithms, clear and user-friendly conditions of games, fast and transparent transactions, no limitations on deposits and withdrawals.

Team Member Details


Founder & leader of the public corporation “Prime Stream” (development of business architecture, financial regulations).
Leader of the public corporation “24 ICE” (leadership and management direction, partners research & cooperation).
Author of the idea & founder of the park of attractions “Dinopark” (project development and promotion, organization & control of financial and legal aspects).
Author of the idea & founder of the public corporation “Programming production” (team building, game development, legal licensing)

Kate Baeva (PR Officer)

Leader at Achieve3000 project, platform for online learning & training (application development and marketing of online education service);
Leader at Sephora project, leading chain in global prestige retail (mobile development of the eCommerce app, digital marketing);
Project representative & speaker in the set of business conferences in New York (Achive3000);
Project representative & speaker in the set of business conferences in San Francisco (Sephora)


ICO Details

Token Name DICE
Platform Graphene
ICO  Category Gambling
Token Price 1 DICE= $0.03- $0.05
Soft Cap 42 000 000 DICE
Hard Cap 210 000 000 DICE
Bonus Available
ICO Start Date 07.05.2018
ICO End Date 07.08.2018
KYC/ Whitelist YES
Country Belarus

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