Robots. Drones. Artificial Intelligence. Next-generation leading on-demand delivery company with Quarterly Loyalty Payout Bonuses.

Dorado ICO

What is Dorado?

People saying it is a new Ubar to complete your on-demand delivery in time. Dorado is based on the MVP - commercially available food delivery platform. They have not only manpower or vehicles to complete your on-demand food delivery anywhere into your cities but also, they right now trying cool staff like Drone, Robot, Artificial Intelligence to take delivery service into next level. Next may be this question will come into your mind that,

Why they start ICO?

Cool, for growing their service, for establishing it into more countries they start their ICO. So, it will help them to bring their service to lot more and more people.
Dorado isn’t a new program, already it is a very well-known and established company. Funded at 2014, already completed $50M+ sales, completed 4M+ order, 1M+ Clients on Platform, 200+ team, available in 6 countries already and this is the Fastest growing on-demand delivery company who successfully first time deliver pizza into space.

Dorado Vision for Next 5 Years

1. If they able to raise minimum 3450 ETH during their ICO, they will start their service into new 3 countries. 2. If they able to raise minimum 30000 ETH during their ICO, they will start their service into new 11 countries. 3. If they able to raise minimum 76500 ETH during their ICO, they will start their service into new 24 countries.


Dorado is leading the way into the future by being first in its market to offer its customers an easier way to order and get stuff delivered by way of Drones, Robots, AI and network of “Uber” like human couriers.

Quarterly Payout Bonuses of 7% Net Sales

Only to all Dorado active token holders who use the Dorado platform or services, Food Forward Dorado is offering has offered a quarterly commission bonus payments within the ecosystem of 7% net sales to all Dorado active token holders to use the platform or services. The bonus will be granted in Dorado Tokens (also called “DOR”). The bonus DOR amount will be calculated within the ecosystem and will be based on the 7% of Food Forward net sales.

Proven Business Model

As stated above, Food Forward and Dorado platform are an operational fork of Foodout Group.

Experienced Team with Proven Track Record

Our rock-star management team has a proven track record for successful expansion and internationalization. These achievements are due to the group’s development of innovative products and technology, their top-class business execution and excellent tried-and-tested marketing strategies.

Team Tokens will be locked for 3 years

Our goals are long term - to build a global decentralized delivery leader. To prove this, Team tokens will be locked for 3 years. Crowdsale tokens will not be locked. Only Team Members.

Target Market

With the recent innovative technological innovations and experienced team we are aiming to overcome even successes already obtained with Foodout Group.

Concrete Expansion Plans

We have concrete plans and teams ready to launch to 24 countries in 5 years. Our plan is to conquer all the top and most promising markets.

Demand for the Token

Dorado token demand is driven by the growth of the users community and usage of the token on the platform. There will be 5 utilities of the Token, each utility was designed to create activity and network effects on the platform.  

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Dorado ICO Roadmap

Dorado ICO Roadmap

ICO Details

Token Name DOR
Token Type Security
Token Standard ERC-20
Token Price 1 DOR= 0.000150 ETH
Accepted Payment Method ETH, BTC, LTC, USD
Soft Cap 3450 ETH
Hard Cap 76,500 ETH
ICO Start Date 07.02.2018
ICO End Date 16.05.2018


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