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What is Game Stars?

Game Stars is a multifunctional gaming platform based on the blockchain. Game Stars a blockchain based platform that helps to monetize cyberathletes’ professional advancement.

What Game Stars will do?

Game Stars will create a true bull trend on the cryptocurrency market as platform tends to solve eSports market problems and provides a variety of solutions for gaming market participants.

How Game Stars Will Work?

GameStars offer a solution for e-sports – the GameStars platform. It is a multifunctional blockchain-based gaming platform, where players can raise funds for their professional development and sponsors are able to support the most promising cyber sportsmen.

The purpose of the GameStars platform is to provide opportunities for aspiring and established cyberathletes to get investment for their further development.

The GameStars platform forms a smart contract for each cyberathlete (player) in the Ethereum blockchain. A cyberathlete’s smart-contract is similar to the smart contract of the ERC20 token, but it contains a lot of additional properties, methods and interfaces necessary for the interaction of this smart contract with the GameStars platform.

Basic features of GameStars platform:

  • Players can attract funds for their professional advancement, create their own tournaments and participate in those held by others
  • Team managers can enhance the advancement of their own players, find new team members, attract advertisers and sponsors
  • Investors can offer support to the most promising cyberathletes and receive return on their investment.
  • Advertisers can choose a suitable team, player, or event to promote their brands.

Now we are going to talk about, Issues in Cybersports and Solutions by GameStars– that’s will help you to understand GameStars benefits.

  1. There is no guarantee of adherence to the terms and conditions of tournaments or payment of prize money – GameStars solution: Holding tournaments using smart contracts
  2. Players struggle to advance professionally without sponsors’ support and have no effective tools to protect themselves from fraud and dishonest schemes – GameStars solution: The range of functions offered by “Cyberathlete ICO” allows the cyberathlete to get funding for his/her professional development. Allocation of the cyberathlete’s revenues is recorded in the smart contract.
  3. There is no structured system of relations among market players – GameStars solution: GameStars is an all-in-one platform with an infrastructure facilitating interactions among cyberathletes, managers, and sponsors.
  4. Organizing your own tournament is an expensive and challenging task – GameStars solution: There are tournament organization scenarios already developed on the platform. All you need to do is fill out the form.

That’s all how, what and where about GameStars.

Token Sale Details

ICO Period- 10/05/2018 to 30/06/2018

Token- GST

Price- 1 GST = 0.035 USD

Platform- Ethereum

Token Type- ERC-20

Accepting- ETH, BTC

Minimum Contribute- 0.01 ETH

Soft cap- 2,000,000 USD

Hard cap- 7,500,000 USD

Total Supply of Token is- 500,000,000 GST and unsold token will be sold on partner exchange

Country- Seychelles- Country in East Africa

Limited Area- USA, China

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