What is MonsterBit?

MonsterBit is just a super cool clone of Cryptokitties with its own add-ons. If you don’t know that what is Cryptokitties? Then here some line for you about Cryptokitties.

Cryptokitties is a blockchain based virtual game developed by Axiom Zen that allows players to purchase, collect, breed and sell various types of virtual cats. It represents one of the earliest attempts to deploy blockchain technology for recreational and leisurely purposes.

So, MonsterBit is a blockchain game that borrows a similar concept to the popular blockchain based virtual game Cryptokitties. MonsterBit goal is not to replace Cryptokitties but MonsterBit concept is to create even a much more interesting one with lot more extra features that Cryptokitties don’t have.

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How MonsterBit Will Work?

At MonsterBit you have to feed and grow up your monster, and only then breed it. The most interesting feature in the game is that you do not simply grow up your creature to sell but grow up a real fighting monster. With which you can fight other gamers for all the values in the game. Fight for food, weapons and the monster itself. It is very cool!

There will be also advertising monsters in the game. Example: your monsters will be advertising goods, and you will earn real money on it.

One more unique future of the game is the e-shop of the real stuffed toys. Monster owner gets 15% return on the sale of a toy. MonsterBit team set the task to earn a lot of money for both developers and, respectively, for you, as for investors.

MonsterBit Advantage


Bright gradient characters – unique Monsters. In addition to different gradients, the DNA of monsters includes a huge number of facial expressions, which will make the new monster visually even more unique.

Growing up

Unlike Cryptokitties MonsterBit monsters are born small and you need to grow them up to be able to breed them. Growing up a monster is far more interesting than if you just get a usual cat. You can sell monster of all ages on market.

Monster growth is accelerated by 2 factors – time and food.

That means it takes some time for monster to be born and grow up. To accelerate monsters’ growth, you need to feed them by the food bought in the system inner shop

Each user, after the expiry of a certain time, gets some free food for feeding a monster. Every 20% of the time the monster generates a request-desire to eat, which is sent to the user via mail. If the user enters the game and feeds the monster, he gets a 20% food bonus.

If the user does not want to wait, he can buy food. That means, if you don’t just want to wait for free foods to feed your Monsters then you could buy some food from inner food shop. User can also get food by watching commercials and attracting new players to the system. This step allows to balance a little the powers of rich players and those who do not want to invest in food.


Just like in Cryptokitties game new monsters appears through interbreeding.

MonsterBit Add-ons

After the implementation of the main base, MonsterBit planned to create two unique add-ons
Monster fight and blasters.

Adult monsters can organize a blasters battle for food, for blasters themselves and for monsters of different sizes and generation. That is, everything that is in the system can be picked up in battle. Blasters will also be sold in the store.

Lot more things/ features will be available at MonsterBit Platform. Like- Advertising monsters, Real Toys Online Shop etc.

How MonsterBit Players will able to Earn Real Money?

  • Selling Monsters
  • Selling Foods
  • Selling Weapons
  • Monetizing Game
  • Advertising Goods using your Monsters

Buy selling Monsters, Foods, Weapons to other users for ETH, you able to earn Real Money from MonsterBit. Also, you able to earn commission by selling MonsterBit Toys.

ICO/ Token Sale Details

  • Token- MB
  • Token Price- 1 MB = 0.0005 ETH
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Token Type- ERC-20
  • Accepting- ETH
  • Minimum Contribute- 0.01 ETH
  • Soft cap- 100 ETH (Collected/ Reached)
  • Hard cap- 1000 ETH
  • Total Issue of Tokens- 7,500,000 MB
  • Country- Russia

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