Read (Read) coin added on Coinmarketcap at  20 January,2018. It’s already available in CoinEgg, OKEx & BigONE Crypto Exchange Market. Now it’s average Price is $0.054. Here’s a few information about READ coin which will help you to know about it.


READ is a native digital asset based on blockchain technology in a cloud-based “shared reading” ecology. It represents a kind of reading rights and interests. Its generating process is closely related to writer’s writing and reader’s interaction. It must be done by readers Contributions can be obtained. In the cloud-based shared reading ecosystem, it will become a media of contribution to the resources between writers and readers, motivating writers to create outstanding works and enabling readers to enjoy a high-quality reading experience.


Inspirational ecology

Writers do not have to rely on the platform; works copyright 100% belongs to themselves; as long as there is income writing; read for free.


Novel Works Copyright Investment Ecology

Serial reading through the design of investment ecology, the perfect solution to the writer’s pre-trial period of vacuum vacuum, and readers or investors, you can participate in pre-investment works, speech, optimistic about their own and like works, in order to obtain the latter part of the proceeds or return on goods.


IP copyright certification and trading ecology

Through the blockchain technology, the problems of copyright confusion and disputes can be solved perfectly. Once on the line, it can not be tampered with, and the chain time stamp proves that the copyright belongs. At the same time, you can also complete the relevant copyright transactions online.



READ Official TOKEN is READ, a digital asset based on blockchain technology issued by Singapore-based non-profit foundation Xuanchain Foundation (approved by the ACRA, Singapore), representing reading on a serial reading platform Rights and interests, the total can not be issued additional, all transactions on the chain are transparent and can be found. The total supply of READ is 2.1 billion pieces, generated through the mining mining algorithm. READ’s production halved every two years, getting harder and harder as time goes by, pre-participation more advantages.





Xie Jian
Crazy Xiaoqiang RockXie
Serial Read Founder & CEO
Director of Baking Cat Miner LP Li Xiaobite LP, founder of Xiaoqiang Mine Machine, founder of Xuanpai and writer of online novel, has many years of experience in the field of digital currency, blockchain and online literature.



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