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AB-CHAIN- Ads in BlockChain Advertising Network Online advertising enhanced by blockchain  and AI technologies ICO DETAILS Token Name RTB Token ...
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ADAMANT Messenger | ADAMANT ICO | ADAMANT ICO Review & Token Details

ADAMANT Messenger The most Private messenger possible, Period A top-notch anonymous messenger encrypted in blockchain A Blockchain-based system for data ...
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Adblurb | Adblurb ICO | Adblurb ICO Review & Token Details

Adblurb Future Of Advertising ICO Score 7.0/ 10 Adblurb is the universal cryptocurrency solution for the advertisement world and is ...
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BABB (BAX)| BABB ICO| BABB ICO Review & Token Details| Viral-Crypto

BABB ICO (Hard Cap Reached) BAX, BABB's native token, will enable central banks to issue their own digital currencies to ...
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Bank4You ICO Review

Bank4You | Bank4You ICO | Bank4You ICO Review | Viral-Crypto

Bank4You The Future of the Money Transfering System ICO Details Token Name BFY Token Type Utility-token Token Standard ERC-20 Token ...
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BitRewards (BIT) | BitRewards ICO | BitRewards ICO Review & Token Details | Viral-Crypto

BitRewards (BIT) Cashback & Loyalty Points in Cryptocurrency ICO Score 7.5/10 Merchants get a premium AI-powered rewards platform for free ...
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blockhive ICO Review

blockhive ICO | blockhive ICO Review | Viral- Crypto

Short Description: What is blockhive ? blockhive creates practical and innovative solutions for businesses in the form of partnership, helping ...
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ClearCoin ICO Review

ClearCoin ICO | ClearCoin ICO Review | Viral- Cryto

Short Description: What is ClearCoin ? ClearCoin is a technology company that powers the real-time buying and selling of media ...
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CoinLoan ICO review

CoinLoan ICO review

What is CoinLoan? CoinLoan is an innovative project that combined traditional lending banking system and modern cryptocurrency technology. Their team ...
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Copytrack ICO Review

Copytrack ICO | Copytrack ICO Review | Viral- Crypto

Short Description: What is COPYTRACK ? COPYTRACK is the creation of a global decentralized copyright register for digital content, which ...
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Debitum Network ICO review

Debitum Network ICO | Debitum ICO Review | Viral-Crypto

Debitum Debitum Network is designed to unite borrowers and those who help them apply: investors (lenders), risk assessors, document validators, ...
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Dogezer ICO review

Dogezer ICO Review

What is Dogezer ? A platform which integrates all of the necessary tools for people to work together on innovative ...
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e-chat ico review

e-Chat ICO | e-Chat ICO Review | Viral-Crypto

e-Chat Decentralized anonymous multi-tasking messenger ICO Details Token Name ECHT Token Type Utility-token Token Standard ERC-20 Token Price 1 ECHT= ...
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Fast Invest ICO Review

Fast Invest ICO | Fast Invest ICO Review | Viral- Crypto

Short Description: What is Scrinium ? Fast Invest is an active online investment marketplace which allows its members to invest ...
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FCI Coin ICO Review

FCI Coin ICO | FCI Coin ICO Review | Viral- Crypto

Short Description: What is FCI Coin ? FCI Coin network is a new system which allows the exchange and conversion ...
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FineCoin ICO review

FineCoin ICO review

What is  FineCoin ? FineCoin is a Cryptocurrency that aims to rebuild the financial system. It’s designed to give people ...
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Fire Lotto (FLOT) | Fire Lotto ICO Review | Fire Lotto ICO Listing and Token Details

Fire Lotto (FLOT) The World's Hottest Crypto Lottery Innovating Truly Fair Play Powered by Blockchain ICO DETAILS Token Name FLOT ...
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Short Description: What is FLEETCOIN ? Fleetcoin is a cryptocurrency built on its own blockchain technology, it has been developed ...
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Gilgamesh ICO Review

Gilgamesh Platform ICO | Gilgamesh Platform ICO Review | Viral-Crypto

Gilgamesh Platform Knowledge-sharing social network platform based on Ethereum Blockchain. Gilgamesh Platform empowers readers, critics, and authors to socially connect ...
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Hydrocoin ICO review

Hydrocoin ICO Review

What is Hydrocoin ?  Hydrocoin will ensure that future clean technology will be used with clean fuel only, without the ...
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JoyToken (JOY) | JoyToken ICO Review & Token Details Information | Viral-Crypto

JoyToken (JOY) ICO Finally, a new online gambling crypto-currency that is trusted globally ICO Details Token Name JOY Token Type ...
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MiCars ICO Review

MiCars ICO | MiCars ICO Review | Viral- Crypto

Short Description: What is MiCars ? MiCars has developed a luxury vehicle hiring platform without the constraints of a hiring ...
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ntok ico review

NTOK ICO | NTOK ICO Review | Viral-Crypto

NTOK Blockchain Online Education Platform ...
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Project Laya ICO Review

Project Laya ICO | Project Laya ICO Review | Viral- Crypto

Short Description: What is Project Laya ? Project Laya is a brand new start up company which focus on the ...
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Prover (PROOF) | Prover ICO | Prover ICO Review & Token Details | Viral-Crypto

PROVER ICO Authenticity Verification  of User Generated Video Files PROVER is a blockсhain technology for authenticity confirmation of events and ...
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Rentberry (BERRY) | Rentberry ICO | Rentberry ICO Review & Token Details | Viral-Crypto

Rentberry ICO Decentralized Home Rental Platform Today, Rentberry offers users a fully operational long-term rental platform. It leverages blockchain technology to ...
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Repux (RPX)| Repux ICO| Repux ICO Full Review & Token Information

Repux(RPX) ICO Repux is a marketplace that lets small and medium businesses sell anonymized data to developers. ICO Details Token ...
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savedroid ICO | savedroid ICO Review | Viral-Crypto

savedroid ICO savedroid democratizes cryptocurrencies: savedroid creates a unique AI-fueled ecosystem of crypto saving and investing for the masses. Users ...
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Serenity ICO review

Serenity Financial ICO Review

What is Serenity ? SERENITY is a blockchain platform that protects the interests of traders and investors. They ensure security ...
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Sintec ICO review

Sintec ICO review

What is Sintec ? Sintec - is a unique Blockchain option granting the opportunity to invest in the production of ...
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SocialMedia.Market | SocialMedia.Market ICO | SocialMedia.Market ICO Review | Viral-Crypto

SocialMedia.Market ICO DECENTRALISED INFLUENCER ADVERTISING MARKETPLACE Solving major influencer marketing problems SocialMedia.Market will create new opportunities for content monetization, community ...
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Sooloox ICO review

Sooloox ICO review

What is Sooloox ? Consumers are currently the cash cows of the advertising industry. Data is collected and processed in ...
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Sp8de (SPX) | Sp8de ICO | Sp8de ICO Review & Token Details Information | Viral-Crypto

Sp8de ICO Sp8de - implemented within a protocol created and maintained by scientist, pioneers in the realm of blockchain innovation ...
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Transcodium (TNS) | Transcodium ICO | Transcodium ICO Review & Token Details | Viral-Crypto

Transcodium ICO Transcodium aims to provide the first peer-to-peer decentralized file editing, transcoding and distribution platform with high quality and ...
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travelchain ico review

TravelChain ICO | TravelChain ICO Review | Viral-Crypto

TravelChain Decentralized Data Exchange for the Travel Industry ...
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USERVICE ICO | USERVICE ICO Review | Viral- Crypto

Short Description: What is USERVICE ? Uservice Project is a Decentralized Online Platform based on the Ethereum blockchain which will ...
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VRT World | VRT World ICO | VRT World ICO Review, Listing and Token Details | Viral-Crypto

VRT World ICO Platform, marketplace and parks for VR developers and players worldwide Connected and powered by Blockchain Details ICO ...
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