What is Photochain?

Photochain is a decentralized marketplace /platform for stock photo buyer and seller and this marketplace/ platform built using blockchain technology. – that’s what I understand about Photochain & what I found into the official website of Photochain that, Photochain uses blockchain technology to reinvent photostocks around the buyers and the sellers. So, this is now fully clear that, it is a marketplace/ platform, where you will able to buy or sell any stock photo and this marketplace is fully transparent and develop using blockchain technology which makes it decentralized. & you know that, there’s always much more benefit we get from any decentralized platform then centralized one.

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Photochain Mission

Creating a P2P Marketplace-

Photochain focus on creating a P2P marketplace, that’s will give an opportunity that only the artist themselves can determine the value of their work and they’re given the opportunity to offer their work to many potential buyers.

Crypto Economy-

Photochain appeals to a broad audience of people that aren’t yet adopters of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

Photochain Digital Copyright Chain- DCC-

Over the course of the project, more and more artists will be able to strengthen their copyright using the Photochain platform, since their works will be linked to their name. This link is manifested as a transaction in the Ethereum blockchain and is therefore visible to all users always. This means that the artist’s ownership of the image can be accounted for. The database with all manifested links has been constructed in a decentralized way.

Photochain Benefits

1. Highest Income: Photochain goal is to pay photographers more for their work than they currently earn on centralized stock photography platforms. The Photochain website claims that many popular stock photography platforms pay photographers just 23% of the final price for their work. In comparison, Photochain wants to pay photographers 95% which insure highest income to any photographers for his/ her photography work.

2. Security and Copyright: Photochain use blockchain technology to provide you highest security for your content & Photochain DCC model will help you to protect your content from others copyright works.

3. Decentralized: No third party will control your contents, all your work, service will control and maintain by blockchain decentralized technology.

4. Low Fee: Only 5% fee you need to provide photochain.

Token Details

  • Token- PHT
  • Price- 1 PHT = 0.12 USD
  • Bonus- Available
  • Bounty- Available
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepted Currency- ETH, BTC
  • Minimum investment- 0.2 ETH
  • Soft cap- 165723285 PHT
  • Hard cap- 230000000 PHT
  • Country- Estonia
  • ICO Start Date- 05-04-2018
  • ICO End Date- 08-05-2018

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