What is Sooloox ?

Consumers are currently the cash cows of the advertising industry. Data is collected and processed in countless places with and without the CONSUMER\s knowledge. Consumers supply their data but do not benefit from it; instead, they have to leave it to other companies to exploit this billion-dollar business model. SOOLOOX wants to change this – earn with your data.


ICO Information

Token Name CAK
Token Type Utility-token
Token Standard ERC-20
Hard Cap $30,000,000
Soft Cap $1,000,000
Pre ICO Token Price 1 Token= 3 USD
Main ICO Token Price 1 Token= 9 USD
Accepted Payment Method ETH
PRE ICO Start Date 16.04.2018
PRE ICO End Date 21.04.2018
Main ICO Period Start From May,2018


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