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What is SPINDLE?

Spindle is an investment and asset management platform and this platform build using smart contract and blockchain technology.

SPINDLE, a comprehensive space which aims to act as a gateway creating access to various investment options at a high level of transparency.

SPINDLE, a platform with unalterable, highly transparent information based on blockchain and smart contract technologies.

It records the operator’s plans, history and performance with cryptocurrency using blockchain technology, so customers can judge investment options based on information that cannot be falsified. Also, customers make direct investments using the SPINDLE currency, so that no third party can intervene in the investment process. Such investment is immediately recorded in the blockchain using smart contract technology so that the relationship between investors and asset managers is created on equal terms without the need for conventional banks or securities companies to act as middlemen.

SPINDLE believes that establishing a fair relationship between investors and asset managers is the best way to remove investors’ vague sense of unease about investment and encourage involvement in proactive asset management. With this in mind, SPINDLE aims to serve as a bridge providing transparent access to cryptocurrency fund investment for individual users, and extended exposure to cryptocurrency fund managers.

So, this is in-short what is SPINDLE.

What is ZETA and WHY ZETA?

ZETA is a series of implemented programs that realize the creation of autonomous human beings advocated by SPINDLE.

Creating “autonomous human beings”

SPINDLE is being developed by the Blackstar Group, which is based in Shanghai, London and Tokyo. Its ZETA system would be unveiled in four stages.

First Stage: Monitoring & Reporting Service

Released in the First Stage, ZETA-1 is a monitoring & reporting service platform that utilizes a Blockchain technique that is currently under development by BLACK STAR&CO., Inc. ZETA-1 offers premium services to cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto hedge funds, and cryptocurrency investors.

All ZETA-1 users can use all its functions free of charge. You can confirm fund profiles, past transactions, and reports for free. It is also easy to incorporate your asset management history into ZETA-1 and to visualize it.

Second Stage: Unique Distributed Exchange

In the Second Stage, they will release ZETA-2, a uniquely distributed exchange.

 The project claims that some of the exchanges currently available in the marketplace are centralized and “potentially dangerous” – putting assets at risk of theft. ZETA-2 aims to remedy this by launching an “atomic high-speed distributed exchange”, which eliminates issues such as scalability and transaction delays, resulting in an experience for users which is not dissimilar from using a centralized exchange. This system would be complemented by a “trustless follow trading system” where an investor can pay to emulate another user’s investment strategies without the need to entrust assets operating on outsource.

Third Stage: Distributed Credit Scoring System

In the Third Stage, they will implement a dispersed credit scoring system based on the data accumulated from ZETA-1 and ZETA-2.

Fourth Stage: Credit Autonomy

The Fourth Stage is a future vision that the first three Stages suggest.

So, this is what and why ZETA.

About SPINDLE Token

SPINDLE token is a utility token, short form is SPD. The Funds generated from the Initial Coin Offering will take the form of Spindles Token Economy Model. The funds will be used for covering the costs for development, promotion, research, and standard management. They will also be used in the promotion of Spindle in the society. The funds will also be useful in the buyout of Fintech companies, contribution in the current running costs and any other cryptocurrency hedge funds.


Total team member 18+. Mainly Team member from UK and Japan and of many other professionals of various fields, including Blockchain technology and Internet communication specialists and scenario writers from all around the world.

You can check out their whitepaper to know details about their team members.

Token Details

Token Name SPD
Platform Ethereum
Token Type Utility Token
Token Price 1 SPD= 0.129 USD
Accepted Payment Method BCH, ETH
Token For Sale 6,500,000,000 SPD
Soft Cap 60,000 ETH
Hard Cap 1,581,000 ETH
Bonus Available
ICO Start Date 09.05.2018
ICO End Date 15.05.2018
Country UK
KYC, Whitelist Both
Limited Area USA, CHINA, JAPAN


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