Short Description:

What is The Abyss?

The Abyss is a next generation digital distribution platform, delivering all types of video games (Free2play MMOs and cryptogames being a key priority), including AAA-titles, to the fast-growing global game community. Unlike other platforms (Steam, Origin, GOG, etc.), The Abyss offers a groundbreaking motivational and multilevel referral system, allowing gamers to earn from in-game and social activities, and other gamers’ payments as well. By joining The Abyss, developers will reduce their marketing expenses and receive an extra income from referral payments made in other games on the platform.


ICO Information

Token Name ABYSS
Token Type Utility-token
Token Standard ERC-20
Hard Cap 100,000 ETH
Soft Cap 5000 ETH
Token Price 1 ETH= 5000 ABYSS
Accepted Payment Method ETH
ICO Start Date 16.04.2018
Minimum Contribution 0.01 ETH
Maximum Contribution 10 ETH



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