Decentralized Data Exchange for the Travel Industry


What is TravelChain?

TravelChain is a decentralized blockchain-based platform that provides authentic and structured tourist information. This way allows business companies to know better their customers and gives travellers the possibility to experience customized service. Shortly, it’s a smart contracts which will manage smart traveller data using blockchain technology. TravelChain is a core of Smart Travelling EcoSystem.
  • Database of travel market
  • Platform for creating applications
  • ecoSystem
TravelChain will provide all market players equal access to the data exchange. They have developed an open public blockchain that can be managed by each travel market player. TravelChain believe that its development will trigger a brand new breakthrough solutions, creating new travel patterns for future people. Below is a list of some of the kinds of data that can be shared with all players in the market using TravelChain: •User profile; •User interests; •Social connections (friends, subscriptions); •Transaction story (purchases, bookings); •Travel history, based on geolocation and check-ins; •Ratings and user properties (Traveller ID) •Information from public documents •Contact information (E-mail addresses, phone numbers) •History of likes and comments •Web search history; •Favourites; •User Wish-lists; •Profiles of hotels, apartments, service providers, guides; •Ratings of service providers; •Feedback on service providers; •Latest information on prices and service availability; •Latest and updated events; •Late travel offers (excursions, tickets, accommodation); •Latest information on places of interest, restaurants, airports, with relevant ratings and feedback; •Latest information on cities and countries; •Latest information on visa and customs agencies; •Lifehacks; •Photos and videos of cities and places of interest; •Weather forecasts; •Travel guides for cities and countries, with ratings and feedback; •User travel routes.  
BEFORE TravelChain: *Large corporations own user data and sell them to business *AI systems cannot easily access big data AFTER TravelChain: *Users own their own data and sell it to business *AI systems will be able to access big data, which will create new standards of service in the tourism market

Reason for TravelChain ICO

  • Launch and develop the TravelChain
  • Global marketing campaign
  • Developers support foundation (investing in projects within the Smart Travelling Ecosystem (AI& Bigdata development)
  • Department for integration of existing travel businesses into TravelChain
Raised During Pre ICO: $580 000 ICO Hard Cap: $10 000 000 ICO Soft Cap: $3000 000 Token Exchange Rate: $0.01421 Accepted Currency: ETH, BTC Minimul Amount to Join: No minimum amount   ICO Start Date: 15.12.2017 ICO End Date: 15.02.2018
TravelChain Roadmap

TravelChain Roadmap

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