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What is Vertex?

Vertex- a unique ecosystem for ICOs and its investors and it is the world first ICO after market which will provide investors with strong opportunities to get returns and bring more fiat resources into cryptocurrency markets, by attracting capital through its ICO vetting mechanisms.

Vertex.market is the ICO after market that will allow the public to buy into verified, acquired ICOs for preferential prices, even after they have been sold out.

Let me explain to you very clearly What is Vertex and What they actually want to do.

You know that, lots of ICO project start every month. According to ICObench listing which is one of the biggest ICO listing platform right now, there 2009 ICOs project already end, 1279 ICOs sell now ongoing and 419+ new ICO sell upcoming. So, it is quite impossible for the investor to find out best ICOs in which they able to invest with low risk and highest return guarantee. And Most of the time, when we find the good ones, these tokens are either already sold out or have hit an exchange.

For solving this problem, Vertex.market comes with their decentralize solution:

Vertex Investors and Experts will find out best ICO project and buy that token during their private sale and then they will list that token to Vertex platform from where you will able to buy your preferred token using Vertex token if even that token ICO sale end or already hits on Exchange. The tokens on Vertex platform will always be 5% cheaper than on an exchange and up to a large % discount when not on an exchange. By using Vertex platform, you get a chance to buy the token which successfully finished their token sale.

So, that’s all about what and why Vertex platform.

Vertex Benefits

Vertex model is designed to benefit investors, ICOs and crypto as a whole.

The vertex team designed its platform and model to benefit both those seeking to participate in ICOs and the ICOs themselves.

Benefit for Investors:

Vertex platform users can have access to a single token market place through within which they are able to access numerous ICOs that have been vetted by a team of experts. Buyers are able to invest into closed ICOs, with the benefit of receiving exclusive prices that are mostly better than the prices issued by ICOs to the public. The risk of investment is reduced because the tokens in the market are only those that have been evaluated, bought by Vertex and have an above average chance to succeed.

Benefit for ICOs:

Every ICO that passes the Vertex evaluation process will enjoy numerous advantages lending to more and/or better investment, with investment into their token coming from seasoned, disciplined investors. Their ICO will get a reputational boost through the Vertex Seal of Approval, and free advertisement on the Vertex Platform. Through this token market place, ICOs will have access to a wide pool of pre-approved investors, that have already gone through the KYC process on the Vertex platform. Finally, ICOs will receive consulting services and support from Vertex, while have their tokens sold on a market for the period of time between the ICO and exchange listing.

Benefit for the cryptocurrency community:

The services provided by Vertex will benefit the crypto community because they address two specific shortcomings. First, the bad reputation ICOs have will be ameliorated through a vetting process that will help fund projects with higher likelihood of success, producing returns on investment. Second, in doing so it will crowd in resources from institutional investors which have stayed away from ICOs so far, who will contribute to increasing the liquidity of cryptocurrency markets.

Alright, so may be this question now coming into your mind that, which type of functions will available into Vertex Platform?

The main functions available in the Vertex platform are:

  • Listing of ICOs
  • Rating of ICOs and comments by the Vertex team of analysts and Private Equity investors
  • Explanation and full declaration of evaluation steps that have been done and why any particular ICO has passed/ complied with these tests
  • “Buy in” functionality where users can buy tokens and have them directly sent to their wallets.
  • Purchase of Vertex Tokens to invest in other ICOs.
  • Users will be able to see upcoming “final stage” ICOs Vertex is evaluating
  • See upcoming ICOs that will be launched, for which Vertex has already bought tokens.
  • Notifications for ICO launches on the platform.

ICO/ Token  Details

Price : 1 VTEX = 0.22 USD
Total supply: 300000000
Tokens for sale: 180000000
Hard cap: 44700000 USD
Soft cap: 3000000 USD
Minimum contribution: 50 USD
Max contribution: unlimited

Token symbol: VTEX
Platform: Ethereum (erc20)
Accepting: BTC, ETH, Bitcoin Cash
Whitelist/KYC: whitelist+kyc
Country: Cayman Islands
Restriction: USA, China

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