Platform, marketplace and parks for VR developers and players worldwide Connected and powered by Blockchain



VRT World’s solution is a unique blockchain- based platform and marketplace that will entice thousands of developers from all over the world to create and monetize quality VR content.

Platform and marketplace will offer:

  1. The tools developers need to create VR content without the heavy expense.
  2. Simpler transactions for developers, consumers and businesses within a transparent marketplace.
  3. Protection of intellectual property rights, licensing and distribution of royalty guarantees.

VRT World Product

VRT Platform

The main goal of VRT’s platform is to create a decentralized VR marketplace in which easy to use SDK and APIs facilitate VR content creation without restricting developers to a single company or type of device. The key advantage of the platform lies in our VR parks, which will become an “offline gateway” into this marketplace and allow outside developers to sell their content without purchasing costly equipment. In addition to these benefits, we will also create an emulator that allows developers to test their products before launching them on the platform. We provide an opportunity to every developer to try himself in VR. The platform will operate based on blockchain technology, and as a result will benefit from a high level of transparency and openness to all market participants.

VRT Marketplace

The area where the platform’s content and services can be bought, sold, or rented. Content creators will be able to set their own prices and price models, including free distribution, freemium, and one-time-subscription payment. Other models are possible as well, including auctions, crowdfunding and donations.

VR Park

The parks created with VRT’s technology are the future of entertainment and e-sports. Through our research, we have developed the technology to virtually transport players into the game, allowing them to enjoy their gaming experience on an entirely new level. Our main technological advantage is our innovative full-body tracking system, which allows us to monitor all player movements in a given location. This unique technology gives us a major advantage over existing projects of this type that use obsolete equipment. Every VR gaming park is designed to provide unlimited content that can be chosen at will by visitors.

Project Structure





VRT World Roadmap

The Roadmap SCHEMATIC is As Follow:

roadmap-1 roadmap-1
Token Name VRT World
Token Symbol VRT
Token Type Utility
Platform Ethereum
Token Price 1 VRT= 1 USD
Bonus Available
Token Allocate %
75% Token Sale
15% Founders and team
5% Project Support Fund
3% Reserve Bancor
2% Bounty


Token Name VRT
Token Standard ERC-20
Platform Ethereum
Token Type Utility Token
Catagory Gaming & VR
Token Price 1 VRT= 1 USD
Accepted Payment Method ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH
Token For Sale 100,000,000 VRT
Minimum Investment 1 USD
Hard Cap $16,000,000
Country Russia
Bonus Available
ICO Start Date 14.03.2018
ICO End Date 30.04.2018

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