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What is Wono?

WONO is a decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) platform for exchanging any property and services.

  • Decentralized P2P marketplace for rentals and freelancing
  • There’s No middlemen, taxes or currency exchange loss; – That means Wono will remove middlemen and will create a Middleman-free and community-driven environment where you can earn and spend money for different services or property.

Using WONO you can rent out your flat while you leave for a vacation or find a freelance job. Now maybe you are going to tell me that, we able rent using service like Airbnb, Turo and find a freelancing job using Upwork, Fiverr etc. then why we will use this Wono? Okay that’s really a good point. Let me tell you why-

Airbnb, Upwork etc. are centralized platform and they work like as a middleman between you and your client so most of the time it’s quite difficult for you to find out good or affordable services or job or anything else which you are looking for. Where Wono is a decentralized peer to peer platform which build using Ethereum Blockchain, makes your work easy. By using this decentralized platform, you able to find out any services or any product which you want to rent around the world. You also able to find out your location based best freelancing job for you by using Wono. There’s no middleman, you don’t need to pay higher fee- everything is so easy here.

Now may be another question coming into your mind that, If Airbnb goes blockchain and build their own decentralized platform will WONO be out of business? Actually not. Why? Let me tell you,

First, Airbnb would very unlikely go blockchain. That means that they need to disrupt their own centralized system and build a completely new infrastructure- which is quite complicated for them.

Second, If Airbnb will own a crypto sharing service, then it would be just another single market segment blockchain service, nothing similar to WONO’s business model.

Third, Wono don’t build Airbnb on blockchain. Wono build an environment where you can share what you have and get what you want. Where you can earn in any way you like (freelancing or renting out your car, flat, bike, etc.) and spend your tokens on someone else’s asset rentals or services. Without taxation and currency exchange loss. One more thing, at Wono you not only able to rent house but also car, bike etc. and you also able to hire freelancer and get freelancing job as well. So, it’s nothing like Airbnb. I think now it’s clear to you.

What Problems does WONO will Solve?

WONO is part of a booming P2P economy featured by giants such as Airbnb (home rental), Turo (car rental), Upwork (freelancing), and more. Goods and services on such platforms are usually cheaper than their B2C competitors can offer. But there are several major problems that can be solved by using blockchain.

Number one, High commissions

Platform’ commissions can be up to 30%.

WONO offers 1%–5% commission, which is profitable for owners and investors.

Number two, Taxation

A freelancer or asset owner must pay taxes as an entrepreneur.

A token payee doesn’t pay taxes since tokens are non-taxable digital assets.

Number three, Currency exchange loss

Parties that are in different countries lose money converting currency for a deal.

At WONO, you always pay and get payments in tokens and don’t sponsor banks.

Number four, Lack of trust

On centralized P2P platforms, ratings and reviews are not transparent.

WONO offers an open, community-controlled system. Ratings and reviews will transparent here.

Number five, Risk of fraud or deal cancellation

Users of traditional services have no guarantees that the deal will be completed and that they will be compensated in case of cancellation.

WONO smart contracts guarantee that the conditions of a deal will be met. Crowd insurance and crowd arbitrage systems provide compensation if the deal is cancelled.

How Wono will Work?

I think you already get a good idea about how Wono will work. Let’s add some more point to know more about it.

WONO user can simultaneously act in four roles:

Vendors: rent a property or perform jobs as a freelancer.

Customers: rent your property or post jobs.

Guarantors: make stakes for successful deal termination and earn bonuses. If the deal is cancelled, the stakes are used as compensation for the affected party.

Arbitrators: determine the affected party in disputes.

For blockchain services in single market segments (e.g., home rental or freelance), WONO users don’t have to withdraw tokens from the system and lose money on token/coin withdrawal and conversion.

WONO is the only blockchain service designed for minimization of earning and spending in fiat money.

Why WONO Won’t Fail as like other ICO?

Reason Number One, WONO team doesn’t risk inventing a completely new market. Sharing is something which really works but has some disadvantages and WONO will solves those problems for making sharing even more attractive.

Reason Number Two, Wono have got a detailed roadmap and marketing strategy.

Reason Number Three, Wono platform design makes user retention easier. If Wono acquire user as a vendor and he or she earns something on WONO, Wono give many opportunities to spend them, and that would be cheaper than withdraw tokens and spend them elsewhere.


Token Name WONO
Platform Ethereum
Token Type ERC-20
Main ICO Token Price 1 WONO = 0.5 USD
Accepted Payment Method ETH
Soft Cap 7,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 20,000,000 USD
Token For Sale 47,500,000 WONO
Pre ICO Start Date 06.08.2018
Main ICO Start Date 03.09.2018
Country Malta
KYC, Whitelist Both


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